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David A. Kloss

M.D., F.A.C.S.
Phone: (218) 631-3510

Dr. Kloss
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Dr. Kloss pioneers aortic stent graft procedure.

Dr. Kloss on screening colonoscopy
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    QUESTION:Am I going to have my skin mole (or fatty tumor) removed right now, today in the office?

    ANSWER: No; because the surgeon needs to evaluate the lump or bump or skin lesion first before scheduling the minor office surgery. different lesions take differing amounts of time to remove. It is impossible to schedule an appropriate amount of time for your minor office surgery without having first seen and assessed the lesion. In addition, although your medical doctor might assume your lesion can be removed in the office, it in fact might require more substantial surgery in the hospital with anesthesia and the pathologist in attendance.

    QUESTION:I was told my surgery would be first thing in the morning?

    ANSWER:We try to accommodate everyone's schedule and most of our surgery is in the morning. There are circumstances that arise, however, that may change your time for surgery: for instance, a true emergency might come in early that morning upsetting the schedule; or perhaps a patient with a certain medical diagnosis needs to go to surgery first thing in the morning (diabetic or young child); and although we try to accurately predict the time involved for each surgery, sometimes, the case before you takes a lot longer than anticipated and hence your surgery is delayed until later in the morning. We greatly appreciate your understanding of these issues.

    QUESTION:Why can't I get my pain medicine prescription refilled on Friday afternoon?

    ANSWER:There are some prescriptions which can not be refilled over the phone because they are restricted by the federal government: narcotic pain medicines are in this category. We can not "call in" refills for this type of pain medicine. Also, your surgeon may not be available to talk with you about your pain medicine requirements. Please allow several days for medication renewals to be processed. You will need to plan ahead when you see that your pain medicine prescription is running low. Don't wait too long before you call us; you may have to wait for your prescription or go to a clinic or the emergency room for more narcotic pain medicine.

    QUESTION:How long until I hear from you about my biopsy results?

    ANSWER:Typically, after you have any type of biopsy, whether it is a breast biopsy, or a colonoscopy biopsy of a polyp, or a removal of a skin lesion, it takes about 2 to 5 days for the results to come back to your surgeon from the pathologist. Our surgeons ALWAYS call you with these results whether or not it is cancerous or benign (not cancerous) you will always hear from us. There is never any wondering: "I guess since I didn't hear from my surgeon that must mean its ok". We will always call you with your biopsy results. If you haven't heard from us in 5 days, don't hesitate to call and ask for your results. We'll call you back with your results.

    QUESTION:What is a hernia?

    ANSWER:A hernia is a weakness in the abdominal wall which results from an actual tear in the muscles. Click here for a more detailed discussion of hernias and links to websites featuring additional information.

    QUESTION:Does any one in the office speak spanish?

    ANSWER:We have only a limited spanish speaking ability in our office.

    QUESTION:How long will I be out of work after my gallbladder surgery?

    ANSWER:You will be fairly uncomfortable for about 1 week following your gallbladder surgery. Depending upon what you do for work (desk job vs. construction worker) you may be able to go back that next week after your surgery. If you do heavy work, you may be out for 1 month. Light duty is acceptable (within 1 week or so), but watch out not to over do it.


    QUESTION:Will I have my colonoscopy right now?

    ANSWER:No. You first need to talk with our surgeon, discuss the merits of the procedure, review the risks and benefits of the procedure and sign the consent form for the colonoscopy. In addition, you need to prepare for the colonoscopy one day prior to the procedure (a bowel prep which includes eating nothing but clear liquids for 24 hours prior).

    QUESTION:Do I have to drink that whole gallon of GoLytely for my colonoscopy?

    ANSWER:NO!!!! Most people don't like drinking that entire gallon of GoLytely prep for their colonoscopy. Our surgeons have adopted 2 other bowel preps which most patients find much more acceptable: Half-Lytley and the OsmoPrep Bowel Preparation Instructions. Let your surgeon know your preference!

    QUESTION:When you say nothing but clear liquids all day for my colonoscopy, does that include coffee?

    ANSWER:The day before your colonoscopy you are allowed "clear liquids". That includes coffee and 'soda' but NO cream or milk in the coffee.

    QUESTION:For the prep for the colonoscopy, does that mean I really can't eat any solid food all day before?

    ANSWER:YES THAT IS WHAT THAT MEANS!!! If you eat solid food before your colonoscopy, it will dramatically diminish the ability of the surgeon to see small polyps or early cancers.

    About BILLING

    QUESTION:Do you accept my insurance?

    ANSWER:We accept most insurances; however you are responsible for bringing us the most up to date insurance card you have. Also, we may need your social security number to verify your eligibility for this insurance. The receptionist and/or the office manager can assist you in verifying that our services are covered by your insurance.

    QUESTION:Do you have any charity care?

    ANSWER:Yes; often times we can work out a payment plan. Please talk to the office manager and the billing department about any concerns you have about finances of your surgical care.


    QUESTION:Can I get a copy of my records?

    ANSWER:Yes; but it takes 2 weeks AFTER you notify us and sign the release form (required by HIPPA). It costs 45cents per page to copy your record.

    QUESTION:Can you send my records to my medical doctor?

    ANSWER:Yes; we send all pertinent reports and diagrams and your progress notes to your medical doctor and any other physicians involved in your care (when it is appropriate).

    QUESTION:Do I have to pick up my XRAYS?

    ANSWER:Sometimes; if we have enough advance warning of your offcie visit we pick up your films (if they are in Windham Hospital). If your visit is urgent (eg. the next day) we won't have time to get your mammograms and it will be necessary for you to pick up your mammograms for your office visit here. Films from outside hospitals you are responsible for picking up before your visit here.

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