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David A. Kloss

M.D., F.A.C.S.
Phone: (218) 631-3510

Dr. Kloss
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    Linx Anti-Reflux Surgery

    There is a new minimally invasive surgery to CURE GERD!

    Heart burn , GERD, or acid indigestion is a very common disease. Over 40 million Americans suffer from heart burn. Many Americans take PPI's(omeprazole or pantoprazole) or H2 blockers (Ranitidine Creatinine).

    American's have gotten in the habit of taking these medications very liberally. Larry the Cable Guy advertises for Prilosec (omeprazole) and the impression has been that is fine to take these medications.

    However, in the last several years there have been serious medical reports indicating many long term health complications occur from PPI's (medications like omeprazole).

    LINX minimally invasive surgery, is an excellent alternative therapy. This treatment cures your reflux rather than just band-aide over the GERD acid symptoms.

    LINX surgery is a great improvement over previous surgical repairs for GERD. The LINX surgery has excellent long term cure of acid reflux over 10 years. It also, has minimal side effects. The older surgery (Nissen Fundiplication) had a high incidence of patients not being able to vomit and also food getting stuck in their throat after surgery.

    The LINX surgery can be performed as an outpatient and a patient's hiatal hernia can be repaired laparoscopically at the same time. Dr. Kloss has extensive laparoscopic surgrical experience, extensive experience with laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair, and with the LINX anti-reflux surgery.

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