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David A. Kloss

M.D., F.A.C.S.
Phone: (218) 631-3510

Dr. Kloss
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Dr. Kloss pioneers aortic stent graft procedure.

Dr. Kloss on screening colonoscopy
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    Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

    In some situations the lymph nodes can be involved with cancer. For instance, in breast cancer it is important to find out whether or not the lymph nodes under the arm (axillary lymph nodes) are involved with the breast cancer. Similarly in melanoma skin cancer, it is very important it know whether or not the lymph glands are involved with the melanoma.

    Not so long ago, the surgery necessary to test the lymph nodes was very involved. Now, however, the surgery can often be done through a very small incision. Dr. Kloss has been trained and has tremendous experience performing sentinel lymph node biopsy. This is a technique using nuclear reactive tracer material that "marks" the first lymph node involved with a cancer. This first lymph node (sentinel lymph node) is located using a Geiger counter (like you see on TV); we can actually hear the clicking get louder and faster as the surgeon gets closer and closer to this "hot" lymph node (the sentinel lymph node). When this first node is identified, it can be removed through a small incision.

    Using this technique of sentinel lymph node biopsy, many patients can be spared the larger incision and greater risk of lymph edema. If the first lymph node (sentinel lymph node) is negative, ie. not involved with the cancer, then the surgeon can stop the procedure. No further lymph node sampling is necessary. However, if this first lymph node is involved with the cancer, then further, more extensive surgery may be required. The other lymph nodes are removed both to figure out the extent of their involvement and to help remove cancer tissue.

    Dr. Kloss is board certified and received extensive training in sentinel lymph node surgery.

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